“Intersection of creation“<br>WHERE DIFFERENT IDEAS MEET

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Fukuoka Building Block Development Project



“Intersection of creation“

New things cannot be born from completely uniform areas.
Ideas come from areas where nationalities, cultures, and generations are all mixed together like brackish waters.
In the future, the Tenjin 1-chome 11-bangai area
aims to become a place with the kind of diversity that feeds new ideas.

How you work and how you live your life.
On and off.
The world and your hometown.
Asia and Fukuoka.
Tourists and residents.
Formal and informal.
Shopping and business.

Tenjin intersection = Intersection of creation.
This urban area doesn't stick to just one side, but instead pursues the multiple directions that people are wishing for, forming an intersection of creativity.
Places full of serendipity and diversity are always putting out new ideas, and this kind of place is sure to be a breeding ground for new creativity.
This will create new waves, contributing to an innovation revolution in the city of Fukuoka.


  • The city of Fukuoka's Intersection of creation

    The city of Fukuoka's
    Intersection of creation

    Tenjin currently has two faces: a business area along Meiji-dori Avenue and a shopping area along Watanabe-dori Avenue.
    These two faces are connected at Tenjin 1-11 Block,
    and this gives the area value as a creative urban intersection
    where people on and off work intermingle.
    This gives rise to unique and stimulating communication, which in turn leads to new activities and businesses.

  • Asia and Fukuoka's Intersection of creation

    Asia and Fukuoka's
    Intersection of creation

    Asia continues to become a more and more important region for the world as a whole.
    Fukuoka has an advantage as the closest city for accessing other parts of Asia, and this advantage must be leveraged to its maximum potential.
    The Tenjin 1-11 Block urban area has an Asian atmosphere to it, and is overflowing with life. It strives to be a friendly, stimulating, and open-minded space for everyone who visits.

  • Working and life Intersection of creation

    Working and life
    Intersection of creation

    Originally, "work" and "living" were not two separate things at all.
    Both elements exist simultaneously in each person's life, and they are both important.
    Fukuoka is known as a city where people live close to their workplaces, and using the unique notions that go along with that, the city is creating an urban area that accepts the form each person’s "work" and "living" take on within it.



  • 01

    A mixed-use facility that is filled with an overwhelming sense of scale and variety

    ・An overwhelming sense of scale at approximately 100 m in width, 80 m in depth, and 97 m in height
    ・This scale is fully utilized to introduce a variety of applications (office, commercial, hotel, etc.)
    ・Creates a place where many people come and go and intermingle as well as a public space in which the citizens of Fukuoka can find recreation and relaxation

  • 02

    High-spec offices that act as a receptacle for global business

    ・An advanced building that has superior earthquake resistance, BCP measures, security measure, and is environmentally conscious
    ・A large-scale columnless space that allows tenants who need a large amount of floorspace to be contained on one floor and to use that floor efficiently
    ・Introduces office support functions that are suited to global businesses and diverse working styles

  • 03

    A sky lobby that will be the intersection of a variety of activity

    ・Plans for the largest sky lobby in Kyushu, which will offer a view of the Tenjin intersection from floors 6-7. In addition to office entrances, it will also include conferences, a co-working space, a cafe, and more
    ・Equipped with a shuttle elevator that connects directly from the first floor and basement level 2 and concentrates the flow of movement for each application to create casual encounters with the aim of making it into a place that creates new business and culture

  • 04

    Architectural design that will make the building into a new landmark for Fukuoka

    ・Frame designs based on traditional Japanese checkered patterns and the simplicity of iron inspired by Nishitetsu train rails
    ・An exterior composed of grid shapes that visually express the appearance of an assortment of applications intermingling within the building
    Creating spaces for rest and relaxation through greenification and prosperity through creating visual appeal for the lower sections of the building


3 minutes walk from Nishitetsu Tenjin Omuta Line "Tenjin Station".
Fukuoka city subway "Tenjin Station" nearby


Fukuoka Airport regular international flights

  • 20 Routes
  • 762 Flights/week

Fukuoka Airport regular domestic flights

  • 28 Routes
  • 376 Flights/day

* as of October, 2018

Access from the airport of
each city center

  1. 1st Boston 5min
  2. 2nd Geneva 6min
  3. 3rd Zurich 10min
  4. 4th Tenjin(Fukuoka) 11min
  5. 4th Frankfurt 11min
  6. 16th London 24min
  7. 21st Singapore 30min
  8. 27th Tokyo 33min


The Tenjin Big Bang Project The Tenjin Big Bang Project

In February 2015, Fukuoka City started a job- and space-creative prject named “Tenjin Big Bang,” implementing measures relevant to the National Strategic Special Zones together with its original policies. The urban infrastructure of the Tenjin area will greatly improve as the city advances practical approaches, such as easing height and floor-space regulations in restricted areas and developing its subway networks.

Gross Floor Area 1.7times
Employees 2.4times
Construction investment effect 2.8billion USD*
Economic ripple effect per year 8.4billion USD*

* as of August 23, 2016




18-19 FLOOR HOTEL ZONE We will prepare a concept specific type, high-quality hotel that is suited to every aspect and need of business and tourism/MICE etc.
8-17 FLOOR OFFICE ZONE We will prepare a high-quality intelligent building (smart building) with BCP and security measures and outstanding environmental functionality in addition to having rooms for rent that boast Kyushu’s highest benchmark story space, one that is suited to global businesses.
6-7 FLOOR BUSINESS ZONE We will provide a co-working service office that supports office workers’ ways of working and is suited to the needs of entrepreneurs and foreign capital companies, as we promote communication and collaboration.
B2-4 FLOOR SHOPPING ZONE In the choice location of Fukuoka Tenjin we will create a bustling, large scale retail zone. We will develop new categories of business and flagship stores that can only be found here and a food zone etc. that makes the most of the allure of Fukuoka, the city of food, to disseminate a lifestyle and workstyle that incorporate the taste of Fukuoka and Asia.


Business name Fukuoka Building Block Development Project
Location 1-11 Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City
Site area Approx. 8,600 m2 (approx. 2,600 tsubo)
Total floor area Approx. 147,000 m2 (approx. 44,000 tsubo)
No. of floors 19 floors above ground, 1 penthouse, 4 floors below ground
Building height Approx. 97 m
Designer Basic design: Nikken Sekkei Ltd., Detailed design: Undetermined
Exterior design Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates(KPF)
Applications Retail, office, hotel, conferences, etc.

SCHEDULE (Planned)

2021 New construction
2024 Completion
2025 Open in spring