Privacy Statement

Thank you for visiting our website. The Japan-America Society of Fukuoka is committed to protecting your privacy on the Internet and in our daily transactions. This Privacy Policy is intended to provide you with the Society's personal information management practices.

T. Collecting and Using Personal information
In general, the Society website does not require your personally identifiable information when you access the site. We maintain and use personal information when you have voluntarily submitted the information to us to contact you. In order for you to attend any of the Society's events or programs, you will be asked to provide the Society with your personal information (such as name, gender, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address, affiliation and so on). Your personal data provided to the Society will be used for communications purpose only for the activities hosted, supported or recommended by the Society.

U. Data Sharing
The Society will never share or disclose your personal information except in the following instances:
A. We have been given your consent for the disclosure.
B. We have previously informed you of the disclosure.
C. When it is the due procedure for you to apply for a third party's event through the Society.
D. When the Society purchases data processing services provided by a third party which pledges in writing to comply with the Privacy Policy.
E. When we are duly required by authorities concerned to disclose for security, protocol or other reasons at a particular event.
The Society will try to notify in advance in the event that the instance "E" is expected.

V. Data Maintenance
The Society will pay its utmost attention to safeguard your private information. Your personal data kept at the Society will be corrected, updated or deleted at anytime upon your request. The Society reserves the right to delete your data at discretion when the data is no longer likely to be used for the primary purpose it was provided for.